Update March 2016:

Disabling the Oculus Health and Safety Warning screen is no longer possible with the new Oculus 1.3 runtime (both CV1 and DK2).

I will update this page if there is a way found to do it.

In the meantime you can monitor this forum thread.


The Health & Safety Warning can still be disabled in the Oculus 0.8 Runtime.

The approach from previous SDK’s still works.

Use Regedit, to create this key:


(or download the followning .REG file which sets it for you )


This is what it should look like (yes, it is a string not a dword!).


Once set, now open the Oculus Configuration Utility (from the system tray),  and open the Advanced button at the bottom (below user height).

You will now have the checkbox to enable or disable the Health and Safety Warning:


I tested this under Windows 7 (64 bit) and Windows 10 (64 bit)