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Getting Started with Magic Leap + Unity3d

Today Magic Leap finally shipped something! Not the hardware yet – but just as important – the software SDK. Now we really can see what tech is inside and how developers can use it to create new AR experiences. I… Continue Reading →

A brief history of VR and the Oculus Rift

September 2017 Update: With Oculus Connect 4 just around the corner (I can’t wait!), I wanted to re-publish my history of VR and the Oculus Rift that I wrote on reddit back in April 2016as a reminder on how far… Continue Reading →

Hololens Contest – (8 Weeks to go) – Inputs Voice, Raw Camera, Locatable Camera, Saving Photos

Here I am with 8 weeks to go, and still deep diving into the features of HoloLens! Goodness – so much to learn and so little time! But there are a few important areas of input I need to explore,… Continue Reading →

How to screen record ARKit

ARKit is awesome and you can easily create some amazing experiences in Unity3d. But how do you screen record your masterpiece? How is everyone posting those silky smooth videos? Well, it’s easy, because iOS 11 has built in screen recording !… Continue Reading →

GoogleVR Cardboard: Switch between normal mode and VR mode at run-time

One of the cool features of GoogleVR Cardboard apps is that you can switch from normal mode to VR mode as necessary letting your app bridge the best of both mobile and VR. It can definitely lesson the development burden also having… Continue Reading →

Signing your Samsung GearVR applications with OSIG files

Say you’re a developer (or working with a developer) that needs to get a Samsung GearVR app into the hands of your testers. It’s not as simple as building an APK and sending a link. If you want to run your application… Continue Reading →

Use a 360 degree Panorama as a Skybox

From the feedback I receive for my developer blog posts I get to help a lot of new Unity3d VR developers get started. And one question I get asked a lot is about how to display panorama images. I thought I’d… Continue Reading →

VR Canvas Keyboard

I’ve received a few emails about inputting text in VR, specifically around Unity’s Input Field. Firstly, bugs, Input Fields rendered in world-space have several known bugs with displaying the caret in the wrong position. I’m not sure why Unity has… Continue Reading →

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